In March, 2013, the Hedge End New Music Makers participated in the Southampton Festival Of Music & Drama in the “Songs From The Shows” section. There was a high standard of competition, which made it all the more exhilarating when we were announced as having taken FIRST PLACE, with a ‘Distinction’.

Below is a copy of the certificate we were presented with, along with the adjudicator’s comments on the reverse (also typed out, for ease of reading).




Singin’ in the Rain

This had energy in bucketloads, with comittment, visual and vocal. The parts were balanced well, phrasing effective in its musicality, and there was a continuous change of dynamic. The accent was a little ‘English’ (t, d, for instance) and this encouraged a slightly ‘English’ style.

Bring Him Home

When this broke into harmony, second phrase, the effect was pure magic; the ‘internal’ details of parts moving, for instance, was also most effective. There was, rightly, a completely different tone and connection to the text in the middle, where the Englishness was quite appropriate. There was a tiny little drop of pitch in the penultimate bar. A beautiful ending.

A choir with excellent musicianship and a very expressive personality.