David Farnell

David Farnell is the Assistant Musical Director for New Music Makers

David Farnell Assistant Musical Director
David is a Southampton man and he originally joined the choir as a tenor, but asked if there was a possibility that he might conduct. As it is difficult enough to find a conductor we were delighted to give him the opportunity to take on the role as Assistant Musical Director, which he has been doing now since 2008.

David’s musical experience has been gathered from many years playing brass instruments with the Salvation Army, and although being able to play most brass instruments, he specialises with the cornet. He also plays the piano, but just for fun. For a period he was also Assistant Musical Director for a band, but mixed voice choirs is a completely new venture for him.

His conducting style is in contrast to that of Lillian’s and the joint effect keeps the choir very much on its musical toes.