Colin Wilkinson

Monday 6th November, dawned bright and sunny as several members of the choir gathered at St Peter’s Church, Titchfield.  The occasion was to celebrate, together with his family and friends, the life of a choir member, Colin Wilkinson.  He had left instructions regarding the content of the service and had especially asked for the choir to sing ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’. ‘I Believe/Ave Maria’ and ‘Fields of Gold’.

Colin sadly passed away on 15th October after losing his battle against cancer.  He had been in the choir for several years singing in the bass section and was quite a character.  Colin had a knack of starting a conversation with you with a very straight face as if the topic was serious. However it would soon dawn on you that there was a punchline coming. 

Colin loved to sing and was always happy to be involved when we were asked to send a small group along to entertain, at different venues. where it would have been impossible to accommodate the full choir.. 

Writing was another of Colin’s interests and he wrote a book called “Rosetta” about a relative of his who was involved with the abolition of slavery.  He also wrote poetry and one with the title ‘Laughter’ was read at the service of celebration.

There were tributes from friends and members of his family from which it was obvious that Colin was always ready, willing and able to do his best for everyone.  He will be missed by us all.